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Uderstanding  EXPO 2020 / 21  in Dubai

We all have the power to build a better world and shape the future. Discover what makes Expo 2020 Dubai unique and how we’re ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future.'

More information about World EXPO in Dubai:

What can we do for Planet Earth, Dubai,
other people and  partnership?

In times of a Pandemic, we have thought many times about a better future.  EXPO 2020, WETEX and Solar Dubai Show are ideal

place to meet members of various internationally organisations and share opinions and experiences about trends related to energy, water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainability.

As landscape architects  in our daily work we take up challenges such as  climate change, sustainable development, rational water management, technology and innovation in greenery, good relations between communities regardless of race and origin, the efficiency of dreams and needs, improving information for future generations.  Exploring Sustainability District in Expo we can experience how the human race can enjoy living in harmony with nature in a high-tech future . . .You can enter to Rainforest in Singapore pavilion . . .  but we are ladscape designers  from Central Europe, who still asked ourself :

What can we do for you in Dubai?
What can you get from us?

I am Polish.

I thought: "In Dubai is almost everything. Technology, hi-tech, community, Oportunity, Future.  Its hub for finance, business and tourism.  Even one person can be the key to unlocking eight billion opportunities that can help individuals and communities create a better tomorrow, today.



We gained knowledge and skills by studying the environment (and its components like water and plants) in a temperate climate. There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Three coldest months temperature averaging below 0 °C.  Me and my team still develop  research about polish natives plants and technology, which can we use in United Arab Emirates (UAE) conditions . We are experts at analyzing, designing and building landscapes and gardens in a unique style that is worth experiencing.


Dubai has a desert climate.  This climate is considered to be BWh according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The temperature here averages 28.2 ° C. About 68 mm of rainfall occurs annually.

Ussing  irrigation systems, special planting design and other landscapes technology you will  build  Palm Islands or Jebel Ali Gardens. We will be happy to help you design a Tropical Garden or Mediterranean landscape. But

"HAVE YOU EVER FELT the autumn or spring
in Baltic forest?

It is amazing feelings and emotions.

Have you ever seen these mixed changing colors of the tree forest? Would you like to smell the edible forest mushrooms or experience morning dew on green ferns next to your foots?

Maybe you prefer to observe frosty rowan twigs in the winter or admire spring blooming anemones between silver birches?


I would like to invite you  a journey for all senses in your residential gardens or New Dubai Ladscape Park - inspired by Polish, English and Scandinavian  gardens, parks and landscapes. 

Thanks Your partnership and supply we can
create better future!

ogrod warszawa magdalenka piaseczno zielen realizacja budowa architektura krajobrazu.jpg
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